Monthly Archives: March 2015

Old What’s-His-Name

I’ve got a terrible memory.  A friend once said my memory is like a rabbit’s tail – short and fuzzy.  It’s especially poor when it comes to names.  I can be introduced to a person and forget his name by the end of the introduction.  I think part of my problem is I know my memory is bad and I get anxious about forgetting and freeze up.

The worst is when I go to introduce people to each other.  As soon as I see I’m going to have to make an introduction my stomach starts to go into knots and guaranteed I’ll completely lose one name or the other.  It’s so bad that as an older teen I was introducing my mother to a friend of mine who had come to church and I introduced her by her maiden name.  You should have seen the shocked look on her face.

I tell you this because in the middle of the account of Noah and the ark in Genesis 8:1 it says “Then God remembered Noah.”  This may sound strange for an omnipotent God but it isn’t suggesting that God got busy in some other corner of the universe and all of a sudden slaps his forehead and said “Oh my goodness I completely forgot what’s-his-name still stuck on that boat!” No, this is a Hebrew idiom indicating the initiation of a direct action of God in the life of an individual or group.  You can find it used a number of times through the Bible.

But this phrase also indicates that God does not forget his people.  Regardless of how dire the situation seems to be, no matter how alone you may feel, God has not forgotten you, and will take direct action in your life.

Now please don’t understand me to say that if you pray “poof” everything is fixed.  Noah still spent months on the ark after this.  And even then he had other problems and sin that needed to be dealt with through the rest of his life.  But God didn’t forget or abandon him – ever.

There’s another occasion where God’s remembrance is demonstrated.  The violent criminal who was crucified alongside Jesus, when he realized that Jesus was truly the Son of God, said “Jesus, remember me when you enter your kingdom.”  And Jesus replied “This day you will be with me in paradise.”  I will remember you.

The ultimate expression of God remembering you was when Jesus died for you.

Today God has remembered you.  Will you remember him?