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Fried Chicken & The Sovereignty of God

What does the sovereignty of God mean to you in the everyday? It seems to me that for many of us it is little different from living under the sovereignty of our governments. We obey the laws and pay our taxes, but really, the focus of our day to day lives is not fixed on our submission to its authority. So how do we live intimately with God’s sovereignty? It all comes down to our desires. What do I desire most? I think I can explain it with fried chicken.

Imagine I had a desire for fried chicken, the kind my mom used to make. There is nothing wrong with that desire, but what happens if I come home and Wendy has instead made chicken stir-fry? My desire has been frustrated. How do I respond to a frustrated desire? In some cases a frustrated desire may make me try harder to fulfill it.  If that’s not possible I may get grouchy and complain, or I could get sullen and morose, I could maybe just shrug it off and pretend it doesn’t matter. I may even try to be noble and make a conscious decision to put Wendy’s desires for stir-fry ahead of my own desire for fried chicken. None of those responses, at least in and of themselves, involves living intimately under God’s sovereignty over my life.

When I am intimately aware of God’s sovereignty in my life my frustrated desires point me to my greatest desire, Jesus Christ. I have been using the first phrase of Psalm 62 to help me with this. “My soul finds rest in God alone.”  In God alone.  Not in God and fried chicken, but in God alone.

My soul finds rest in God alone.  Understand I am stretching the meaning of “rest” to include fulfillment, contentment, protection, strength, hope etc, etc.  So I ask myself, is that true of me when I don’t get my fried chicken or whatever desire was? My soul finds rest in God alone.  Imagine how that might change not just my response to frustrated desires, but could change my whole frame of mind for the day; my whole purpose for the day.

But hold on. What if Wendy had made me fried chicken? What if my desire was fulfilled? Where then is the intimacy of the sovereignty of God? Oh sure we may be grateful to God and that’s a good place to start, but can I honestly confess that my soul finds “rest” in God alone? I enjoy the fulfilment of my desire, but does that fulfiilment point me toward a greater desire?  That is where truly acknowledging God’s sovereignty in my life is proved.

My soul finds rest in God alone.  Aaron Keys has a song based on Psalm 62 that has helped me remember and focus and meditate on that truth by putting music to the words.  You can listen to it here:  I have found myself repeating that little phrase a number of times during most days of late. And as I reflect I am made sharply aware that I haven’t repeated it often enough. My soul finds rest in God alone, whether I get fried chicken or not.