Sin and Sinning

I’m thinking about sinning today.  No wait, that didn’t sound right.  I’m thinking about the topic of sinning today.  There is a widely held misconception that a person is a sinner because he commits sins.  But Romans chapter 12 makes it very clear that we are born with a sinful nature, one that as part of the human race we inherited from Adam.  We all are sinners, right from birth.  The fact that we commit sins is only proof of that nature, not the cause of it.

 And we all have sinned.   1 John chapter 1 verses 8 and 10 show us that we deceive ourselves if we claim to be without a sin nature, and we call God a liar if we claim we do not or have not committed sins. But sandwiched between those two verses is verse 9 which says that if we confess our sins God is both faithful and just in forgiving our sin and purifying us from our sinfulness.  Confessing our sin simply means that we acknowledge our sin nature and own up to the acts, thoughts, and even motives that evidence that nature.

Then God guarantees our forgiveness.  We sometimes throw words like “forgive” around not realizing the weight of full meaning they carry.  When God says he forgives us, it’s not like a kindly grandpa who says “Oh, that’s alright.  Boys will be boys.”  God’s forgiveness is more like the forgiving of a debt.  The word literally means to send away.  Our debt, our sinful nature with all its sinful acts, is sent away and replaced with the holy, righteous nature of Jesus who, as 1 John 2:1 says, was the sacrifice that paid the price for our sin and the sin of the whole world.  By that sacrifice, God is both faithful (trustworthy) and just (fulfills all legal requirements) in forgiving us.

So, as I said, I’m thinking about sinning today, and that has led me to thank and praise my wonderful God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  How about you?  Are you thinking of sinning?


About David Berg

I live in a small town in Alberta, Canada. I pastor a small Baptist church and also work half-time on a local seed farm. It has been more than 25 years that I have been married to a most amazing and beautiful lady whose name is Wendy. Together we have three boys, and two beautiful daughter-in-laws. View all posts by David Berg

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