Does God speak to you?

Man, do I hate writing.  I have never been good at it, and it always seems to be a struggle when I have to.  So what in the world am I doing?  That’s a good question.  My name is David Berg; I am the pastor at Benalto Baptist Church and have been for the last five years or so.

Just about a year ago I was asked to write a column every week in our regional paper called the Western Star.  I tried to say no, I really did.  But I couldn’t.  Ultimately I agreed to write the column, not because any particular individual or group thought it would be a good idea, but because God told me to.

“Now hang on,” some might be saying, “You mean to tell me God spoke to you?  What makes you so special that God would speak to you?”  Well, to be honest, nothing really.  I’m no more special or privileged than any of you.  What God has made available to me he has made available to anyone.

We are told to “Draw close to God, and He will draw close to you” (James 4:8 NLT.) Let me ask you this: Do you think that Jesus heard from God?  If you believe in who Jesus said He was, you have to answer yes.  Well when Jesus prayed for us the day before he died for us, he prayed that we might be unified with each other and with Him and have the same relationship with God that He did. (See John 17:20-26)

Now I’m not saying any of us, least of all me, is on the same level of relationship with God that Jesus had, but only because we don’t have the same level of submission to God (in other words absolute!) that Jesus had.  The more completely we submit ourselves to God, our mind, our desires, our plans, our hopes, and our dreams, the more clearly we will hear Him speak to us.

Which brings us back to this column.  I have recently been asked by a few folks to put those Western Star articles on a blog.  So here it is.  It still isn’t any easier for me to write; nobody said obedience was easy.  But, by God’s grace, I have and will continue to put these out.  I can’t promise they will always be profound, or even interesting.  Nor that spelling, grammar and sentence structure will be all that it ought to.  But I will continue to obey, and maybe God use this in some small way to help you understand him better.

I welcome all comments and will do my best to answer any questions or even challenges that my thoughts prompt in you.  See you next week.


About David Berg

I live in a small town in Alberta, Canada. I pastor a small Baptist church and also work half-time on a local seed farm. It has been more than 25 years that I have been married to a most amazing and beautiful lady whose name is Wendy. Together we have three boys, and two beautiful daughter-in-laws. View all posts by David Berg

3 responses to “Does God speak to you?

  • Ron Berg

    David, God will certainly be using you and your obedience. You have the same style of writing as dad has and just as penetrating in your thought processes. Good for you and great for God for getting you this opportunity. You will find more and more joy – as you know by now – in obeying and in the results that God will bring because it is His work through you. I am so pleased and happy about you and for you and so proud that God in you is so real. Thanks for sending me the blog site. Much love as always, Mom

  • Cheryl Burek

    Hi Dave,…in short… I am updating our contact information at FP and read this article that you wrote awhile ago. 🙂 It’s good and true. I love anything about “Hearing God”. BTW, I didn’t know that your dad was Ron Berg!

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